Flight 02          2010                  180cm high
A copper pyramid, held together with copper rivets, with a "twisted" top
Inside is a plane with the name of the new owners on its side (Sam and Joy)
The top and the plane are illuminated at night from inside the base.

Life is like an airplane, it brings us to planned destinations and sometimes to unexpected destinations and experiences with lots of joy and enchantment, with only an occasional bump or bad weather

Icarus - 2007                            2m40 high

Icarus is a chrome metal statue with polyacrylic wings. It symbolizes the struggles man faces in attempting to attain personal freedom.

Icarus mod- 2009                       2m40 high

Because of the harsh Houston weather conditions (UV, 100F, hurricanes) it was neccesary to do some maintenance.
Did you know it snows in Houston?