Newest work
LIFE       2010            250 cm high

A composition in Acrylic panels, engraved with a purple Trilobite, two modern green towers, surrounded by flowers.
Mounted on a copper base attached to a granite tower.
Halfway the column is another copper panel.

This design was unveiled in Reston, VA Nov 2011.


There are about 50 million years  between the trilobite, one of the first living animals on our planet, and the green towers representing our current life. We are confronted with tall towers like skyscrapers and industrial towers. They are green reflecting our efforts to save this planet
At night the design is illuminated with LED's of different color

MEDUSA'S SISTER  2013            300 cm high

We all know what happened to Medusa, but most of us don't know that Medusa had a sister, Euryale, who also had a hiss-story with snakes. She was too close with a copperhead and this work depicts her becoming one with the serpent's coils.