ISIS - 2009                                        1.50m high
A tall structure from wood, brass, steel and granite. 
This is the door to Magic. The brass pyramid is the focal point. Its shape is reflected in the granite section below this pyramid. The granite is engraved on the front as well as on the back 
A pyramid in the old Egyptian time had magical powers, reason why the pharao's wanted to be burried in a pyramid.
Isis is the Egyptian goddess of Magic; her name in hieroglyphs is on the brass plate.

 VESTES - 2009                           2.40 m high

A very tall structure from wood, brass, copper, glass, and steel.
This is especially made for the van Esch family, celebrating a composite 125 years.
The three bay windows represent the members of the family: the top for the magical powers of Helmie, the turbine blade for Hans and the three elements in the lower bay for the daughter and 2 sons.
The blue color of the sculpture is the color of the consulting company: TEServices.
The name comes from Van Esch TEServices; it is the plural of veste=fortress
The sculpture is located near the entrance to their property in LaPorte, TX.

WORLD=CLOWN       2009            1.20m high
A sculpture with a copper pyramid housing a glass clown, on a granite column.
It looks like the pyramid is floating above the column, because the only attachment is a thick Plexiglass plate
The pyramid has openings in the front and rear of the pyramid, through which the clown can be seen
The clown is illuminated from within at night.